Global solutions for business

MANDER offers high performance global solutions tailored to the different communication needs of companies. Our approach is result-oriented, our solutions are highly customised and are implemented using advanced technology that ensures maximum quality.

We guarantee advanced products

MANDER products are designed with utmost care and down to the smallest detail, so as to offer a vast range of solutions.

Our experience in many commercial sectors and our constant attention to evolution in techniques, materials and equipment allow us to guarantee superior quality products that ensure durable and effective technical and design solutions.

We design highly customised solutions

Every day we work next to our Clients to find the most suitable solution, to design the most effective technical application and to bring an idea, a drawing to life.

All this stems from the in-depth skill of our staff of experts in the use of materials and techniques that enables us to ensure advanced abilities in customising each proposal and thus find every time new opportunities for communication.

We offer constantly upgraded technologies

In such a fast-moving world, MANDER continuously invests in technology, acquiring constantly upgraded IT programmes and advanced machinery.

We have manually-operated, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines that are capable of printing a vast range of substrates and are used to ensure very high quality products.

With our printing methods and cutting-edge machinery we are in the position to offer printing on various kinds of substrates ranging from stickers to surfaces such as aluminum, steel, glass, wood and plastic, as well as inkjet digital printing and thermal transfer, plotter large-format printing and lamination.