Customer service

MANDER is always monitoring the market and listening to its Clients so as to be ready to offer solutions that make a difference.

High-end commercial consulting

To this end, the commercial consulting service is supported by highly professional assistance in the choice of the most effective solutions while ensuring privacy and confidentiality in the management of the entire industrial project.
The result is a reliable and result-oriented service warranted by over 40 years of activity and hundreds of satisfied Clients.

Our goal is total customer satisfaction

At MANDER, our objective has always been the satisfaction of our Clients and the creation of business relationships based on actual and effective cooperation that stand the test of time.

This is why we are focused on change, on innovation, on timely delivery and product quality offered at the best prices.

We can offer our Clients solid, fast and flexible service because at MANDER we work alongside our Clients through every project phase with the professional know-how and skill necessary to identify the best solutions possible.

Post-sale service

MANDER stands for reliability, professionalism and trust.

Even after purchasing, our Clients can count on efficient post-sale assistance that quickly addresses any restocking issues and guarantees product delivery on specific terms.

All this is possible only thanks to our advanced storage management policy with off the shelf material. In this way, we can even tackle unexpected emergencies.