MANDER offers a vast range of high quality screen-printed products at competitive prices adaptable in terms of colours, shapes, materials and finish

Unique in the choice of technical solutions and advanced design, highly customised as regards materials and manufacturing processes used, all performed with a sole aim: to meet the high quality requirements.

Every MANDER product stands out for its manufacturing quality and details that are the result of a process that is designed down to the smallest detail and based on the skilful use of certified raw materials provided by selected suppliers.

Stickers, aluminum custom head badges and plates, water decals, dry decals, masking for painting, synoptic panels for membrane keyboards, crystal shields and 3D effects are the final products of a process-based work layout that envisages the complete traceability of the entire production chain and the creation of custom product-datasheets for maximum efficiency and full control over the various processing phases.

This also allows for prompt restocking if requested post sale.


Stickers can come in a very wide array of solutions using a vast range of products and materials, such as PVC, Polyester, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate, and various finishes and adhesives that are appropriately matched to the surface to be decorated.

After careful analyses and tests conducted with the Client and thanks to the experience gained in many years of activity, we are good at selecting the most appropriate materials capable of meeting the most specific requirements.

All colours and special effect paint finishes are highly durable.



Aluminum of varying thickness and finish, processed flat or in relief, such as plates, custom head badges, square-cut or shaped, countersunk or folded.

These products are used in the industrial sector. For this reason, their colours and paints are high temperature resistant and effectively withstand exposure to sun and light.

The application of the products is obtained using high performance bi-adhesives that have been tested also on surfaces subjected to sharp changes in temperature.



Thanks to their thinness, water slide decals can be over-painted, thus incorporating the decoration into the object as if it had been printed on directly. The main features of this material are: high thinness, flexibility, excellent colour fastness resistance to even the most aggressive agents and non-yellowing.

Customised shapes and colours are available, according to Client requirements.

Decals are mostly used for decorating highly curved surfaces, and are perfect for decorating bicycle and motorbike frames, helmets and automobiles.


We exclusively use environmentally friendly materials and inks which are compliant with European standards.



Punched stickers

Punched stickers allow for all shapes and silhouettes, also with plain or coloured thin brimmings.

Resin/lenticular stickers

Stickers produced with ITALIAN NON-YELLOWING resins.

Advertising stickers

Our advertising stickers, for outdoor or indoor use, are made with materials that guarantee proper exposure to UV and atmospheric agents.

Water decals

Water decals that are ideal for carbon frames and helmets.

Dry decals

Dry decals applicable on frames and accessories; paintable if needed. Ideal for miniature models.

Synoptic panels, membrane keyboards

Polycarbonate synoptic panels with transparent display and padded keys.

Industrial stickers

As regards industrial stickers, the materials are guaranteed, homologated and comply with EU standards.

Under clear coat stickers

Liquid or powder coatings resistant to high temperatures (180°-200°).

Custom head badges

Anodized-aluminium badges, padded with Italian bi-adhesive or with 3M.

Magnetic Gadgets

Tailor-made magnets; can be provided with displayer.

Embossed plates

Anodized-aluminium badges, padded with Italian bi-adhesive or with 3M.

Items for toys

Manufactured with materials that comply with EN-71 safety norms, PHTHALATE-free.

Masking for painting

Soft, adaptable materials, for painting and sandblasting, resistant to high temperatures (180°-200°).

Industrial plates

Made of aluminium or steel, of various widths, printed in different colours.

Crystal shields

Rubbery material, high-resistance, with 3M bio-adhesive for the application.

Labels rolls

Shaped and customized. They can come with progressive numbering and bar codes.

Pre-spaced decals

Punched stickers allow for all shapes and silhouettes, also with plain or coloured thin brimmings.

materials and inks which are compliant with European standards.