Technical assistance

Technical competence, reliability, availability and enthusiasm in the search for technical solutions capable of meeting the needs of the Client: these are the features that make up the MANDER style.

Our consulting: passion and full-option know-how

Every day, MANDER offers precise and efficient technical and commercial advice in the selection and execution phases of its products, showing flexibility in its technical choices: during pre-sale, when we assess the various possible solutions, during graphic design, during the realisation of the samples, during the selection of the materials and of the proposals, and during the management of the entire post-sale phase with product restocking.

Graphics: flexibility and proficiency

The distinctive elements of the MANDER graphics department are flexible answers and advanced solutions.

This is where every idea takes shape and where the process, the costs and the lead times are optimised so as to guarantee products featuring the best quality, durability and efficiency possible, achieved by using state-of-the-art machinery, constantly upgraded software and highly skilled personnel.

Technical assistance: the MANDER “turn-key” service

MANDER’s technical assistance offers a ‘turn-key’ service that addresses all of the aspects that can elevate a product to success.

The service accompanies the Client throughout the design process, sets up a detailed feasibility study with the customised assistance of an advanced analysis, assessment and design service that studies the materials, the applications of the printing process and the creation of samples using digital printing.